Raja Ampat Diving

Raja Ampat: Diving in the Heart of the Coral Triangle

October 28, 20130 Comments
Manta Sandy Dive Site Raja Ampat

Manta Sandy Dive Site

Raja Ampat the last Eden

The Last Eden

Eclipse Butterfly Fish With clown fish

Eclipse Butterfly Fish With clown fish Nemo

Diving in a Bikini

Warm Water Free Diving


Nudibranch Blue Magic Dive Site.

Raja Ampat Diving

Dive the Heart of the Coral Triangle!

Do you want to know how to get people excited? Start talking about your dive trip to Raja Ampat!

Raja Ampat, the Four Kings is nature and diving on steroids.

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From the ocean’s underwater realm you will witness the mesmerizing majesty of oceanic mantas acrobatic feeding displays to the sentinel sharks patrolling the depths, and the huge herds of colorful parrot fish moving over shallow undisturbed coral fields  stretching to the ocean’s horizon. Raja Ampat is a Dive Lovers Paradise!

Eco Diversity, Divers who have logged thousands of dives are surprised to see things they have never seen before. Every dive is different in Raja Ampat and every dive site has new treats.  Manta Dive Raja Ampat

There are more documented species of fish here than any where else in the world with  over 1500 species and counting! You will be amazed to find over 500 different types of Hard and Soft corals, in every color you can imagine.

The Coral Triangle is the area where the Pacific and Indian oceans meet. With both oceans mixing via currents that bring rich nutrients welling up to the surface from the ocean depths feeding a food chain with so much  food allowing for every possible ecological niche to be filled with amazing creatures, many of which are endemic to  this area only!

Raja Ampat Advanced Diving

Sharks, barracudas and groupers at are the top of the food chain.  You will find sharks cruising around in the depths and coming in close to the reefs for feeding in the early mornings and late evenings. The shallower waters  have Barracudas, either schools of the Chevron and Long noses, or the monster sized Great barracudas that look like torpedoes with teeth. Unless provoked Barracudas are very rarely dangerous to divers.

Macro Diving as well with 8 different species of pigmy seahorse’s as well as a huge assortment of Nudibranch and small crabs, shrimps and many other of the interesting and photogenic small creatures present in the bath water environment of Central Raja Ampat

Healthy reefs here you will see very small patches of sand occasionally and we are talking reefs that are so long that you cannot dive them in one dive. Drifting over these reefs is a moving picture show of coral and wildlife ever changing as you move down and then up in the water column.

Advanced Diving sites are for  advanced divers only with drift and current dives under your weight belt. We want you to be able to safely dive these  sites like Mikes Point and Ouwn Reef where strong currents are encountered often. The upside of diving  strong currents is this is where you will find huge congregations of fish including the big top level predators like sharks.

Warm Water  You can comfortably dive in a bathing suit here with no problems!

The Last Eden. Being hard to get to has its advantages!

Contact Us and we will help make your ultimate dream dive destination a reality here in Raja Ampat Indonesia.

Email Us at [email protected] if you want to make a reservation.  We offer great diving packages that are very affordable,  Read that Cheap!   All questions answered promptly!

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Where to find budget accommodations in Raja Ampat?

October 24, 20132 Comments
Waiwo Dive Rersort Indonesia

Waiwo Dive Resort

Waiwo Resort Raja Ampat

Waiwo Beach Resort
Girl in Bathing Suit
Snorkeling on Marley Beach Bungalows house reef

Raja Ampat Accommodation

You want the best dive sites in Raja Ampat but have a budget so where can you stay? Live-a boards are way too expensive and Home-stays are too spartan and also very expensive for what you get, well, we have several locations now where we can put you up that are geared towards budget holiday travelers here in Waisai.  And you can get to all of the same dive sites in central Raja Ampat that the Live-aboard and home stays go to.

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 Waiwo Dive Resort. This is a  full service SSI dive facility with diving and snorkeling right off the pier, that also is on the best beach on the island.

You have your choice of very comfortable fan or air con bungalows that start at $65 USD or $75 USD for brand new, beach front, super deluxe per person.

Dive packages available starting at only 10 dives!

Waiwo Resort now has 3G WiFi connection and a beautiful  brand new dive center right on the water. Where you can also enjoy beach front dining with the new beach deck.

Stay in Waisai

If you are on a real tight budget consider staying in Waisai itself. There are many advantages to staying in town. One you can walk most places and there are lots of different restaurants to chose from and two, you can find a ATM, local market and our favorite 3G Wifi!


Surya Guesthouse is small but has a lot of amenities like the option to be fan or air con. All of the rooms at Surya are en suite with western style sit down commodes, one of the only places in Raja Ampat that is priced by the room.

  • Fan rooms for 2 people  only $20 USD.
  •  Air-con it is only $32USD.
  • Motorbike rentals 100,000 per day
  • Self guided tours  around town and beaches.
  • Snorkel Gear Rental

Hostel Rooms?

  • Coming soon is a location that offers dorm style rooms that will be from $35 USD per person in a room that holds 4. Imagine the best diving  in the world here in  Raja Ampat for under $120 USD a day including accommodation and meals!
Manta at Manta Sandy Dive Site

Manta at Manta Sandy Dive Site

Scuba Diving

Of course we can also help you with scuba diving in Raja Ampat let us know how we can help you have a great time here at the Heart of the Coral Triangle! If interested email us at [email protected]  also check out our prices, diver packages and FAQ for more information.

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