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Scuba Diving Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat DivingRaja Ampat, the Four Kings is the heart of the coral triangle. You have dreamed about it and we have made it possible for dive lovers to  on a affordable budget get here and enjoy some the most exciting scuba diving and snorkeling on the planet earth. You will see more spices of fish and coral here than any where else in the world guaranteed! With over 1500 fish species and over 500 different coral with some 76% of all hard corals in the world here in Raja Ampat this is the richest biosphere on the planet and it is not us saying that but the scientific community. Many different types of dive sites from the tame reefs like Miosook and Manta Sandy to the wild current rides of the Passage and  Ouwn reef

 In Raja Ampat just to name a few!




Scuba Diving Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has some of the most pristine dive sites in the world and we will protect them to the best of our abilities. Divers who are not experienced and have poor buoyancy control  risk themselves and the reef if they do not have the skills necessary to dive our advanced dive sites, where strong currents are always a possibility, including on some reefs, like Ouwn Reef, where strong down currents are possible. If you have not done Advanced Adventurer SSI or Advanced Open Water PADI you owe it to yourself and the diving community to update your skills!  This is one of the best places in the world to do the Advanced Dive Courses and when added to up is only slightly higher than doing the dives alone and you will be with an instructor rater than a local dive guide, usually  safer and more fun!

Dive Lovers

Raja Ampat is starting to experience rapid growth and we need to preserve the reef, nothing is more discouraging to experienced divers than to see damaged reef.    If you love diving like we do, you will understand our policy’s and the necessity of protecting the environment and to preserve  the reefs in as pristine as possible condition for future generations.

Raja Ampat is the Last Eden, lets keep it that way together!

  • Eco Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Fun

Our favorite dive sites being Mikes Point,, Sardine Reef and Blue Magic, all of which are for advanced divers only. Some divers  may need to preform a check out dive to qualify for the advanced reefs like Mikes Point, Blue Magic and Sardine Reef.  If you have rescue diver certification and above, or advanced open water and can show a log book with more than 25 dives including drift dives, you will not need to do a check dive.  Some may wish to refresh their dive skills on our local reef if they have not dove for a while. * Some dive sites may require a fuel supplement depending on number of divers and number of dives in package. Need Accommodations?   Cheap     Budget      Value mailto:[email protected]

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